The T-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a staple white t-shirt. This one if from Topshop and I absolutely love it. The slogan is right down my street and I love the oversized look it gives. You can style a t-shirt is so many ways with jeans tucked in, with jeans half tucked in, a skirt, as a dress or a staple pair of trousers. I constantly wear mine with trousers from culottes to straight leg and wide leg you just can’t go wrong with an outfit like this.


This t-shirt was £15 however I don’t think it’s available anymore so I’ve had a search around to show you a few others I love and would buy myself (if I had the money as currently the student life has destroyed my bank account). Here are a few I found…

boyfriend style t-shirt, a printed t-shirt and a slogan t-shirt.

lots of love



Things you must watch on Netflix

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything out. I’m obsessed with Netflix like everyone these days but it’s always so hard when trying to find something to watch so I thought this would be a great, easy and quick blog for you to read!

My Top Ten Series…

– Friends (an absolute classic)

– Luther (a crime series)

– The Sinner (a crazy intense crime series)

– The Safe (a mystery crime)

– Happy Valley (a BCC series)

– Unforgotten (ITV crime drama)

– Designated Survivor (the USA government attacked by terrorists)

– The Confession Tapes (real documented crime events with confessions)

– Riverdale (an American school drama)

– Doctor Foster (a BCC series)

My Top Ten Films…

– Birdbox

– What happened to Monday

– Kidnap

– Dumplin

– The Foreigner

– 22 July

– Home Again

– Life as we know it

– Gone Girl

– Hush

lots of love


My Current Favourites- November

I wanted to share my Current Favourites again with you! We are half way through December so I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been loving throughout the end of November to now. I mean not much has changed, I still use and love everything in my last Favourites, there are just a few added bits.

Last month (not really a month just a mixture in between September and October) was a bit crazy, but now that I’ve settled in a lot more things are a lot easier which means more time to write!

I love reading these types of blog post as I’m a little bit nosey and like to see what others are loving… so if you enjoy ready them please let me know below. So without further a do let’s get going.

The fashion bits I’ve been loving…

I don’t really have any new clothing items this month, except one piece which is my new puffer coat from Topshop. I absolutely adore this, I love the pattern, how big it is and the colours. It is super cosy and I think it can make an outfit. When you’re having one of those days where you feel like you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is full or when you feel like nothing matches and you end up opting for a simple jeans and some jeans, this coat brings the outfit together.

The beauty bits I’ve been loving…

I recently dugout some makeup I used to use everyday and I’ve fell back in love with. Morphe palettes are the most affordable yet amazing palettes. The amount of colours you get is unbelievable… I have two palettes both of which I love however these one I tend to reach for more. The deep purple and browns are

Another palette I’m reaching for a lot is Urban Decay Naked Basics. I love this as it has all the essential colours in. Plus the fact that it’s a small size means that it’s great fir travelling or on the go makeup!

Benefit has always been a favourite of mine… this month I’ve fell back in love with They’re Real mascara. This mascara is amazing and I’m sure you’re all aware of that! Again it’s a miniature size which means it’s super handy.

Last bit of makeup before skincare is a Tarte liquid lipstick and a lipgloss. I’m obsessed with these colours, I mean they are pretty similar but different. I am all about nude colour so these are perfect for me. The lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips with it living a matte finish and the lipgloss is very hydrating.

Now on to skincare…I’m not the best a sticking to a skincare routine but I’m trying my best too. So the moisturiser I’ve been using is NAOBAY Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser. I got this from a Birchbox; it’s ingredients contain avocado and olive oils which help to nourish your skin and leave your complexion hydrated. And I totally agree, this moisturiser feels rich and you can feel it seep into your skin leaving it very soft. On a side note, I would totally recommend getting Birchbox it’s a little box you get posted every month containing different beauty products. It helps to branch out and explore different products at a cheap price as well!

L’occatine has great skincare products and I always use there hand creams. My hands are terrible for dryness especially at this time of year. So this hand cream really does help. I love the floral scent it has and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling slimy or greasy.

The random bits I’ve been loving…

A bit random but these pearl earrings I’ve been wearing constantly! The small section is at the front and the bigger pearl goes on to the back of your ear. I love these so much, they’re very similar to the Dior Tribales but a lot cheaper. I don’t own any earrings like these so they are something new which I’m loving to wear.

lots of love


Blogmas- Secret Santa ideas

It’s the time of the year, where people of buying presents for their loved ones. For me this year I’m on a tight budget, being at Univeristy is seriously breaking my bank so I wanted to share with you ten ideas for cheaper secret santa gifts. I chose to do this on Secret Santa presents because many people do this to save some money and so they can receive a gift they like. Some people write a few ideas of what they would like others have it all to do themselves. Either way these ideas can still help you in the last couple of days before Christmas!

Gift one

Lush is always a easy gift you can get for people. They have a massive range of colours and scents for your bath. Each year they being out some Christmas gift sets and I have chosen to show you the Sweet Christmas set. This set includes a bath bomb and a bubble bar. I love this set because it smells amazing and includes two different items. The price of this set is only £9.95!

Gift two

Feminist Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies is the book I have chosen to share with you. A book is always a good gift for someone, with a range of topics there is always something for someone. This book is one that I would love to read, it includes woman from all different industry telling you what they believe. I love when people stand up for their beliefs so this is something which is definitely on my Christmas list. The price of this book is currently on offer at £9.99.

Gift three

I think absolutely everyone loves a good candle! So this Yankee Candle set is perfect for a small gift for someone. The packaging on this just makes it that bit more festive so this set is perfect for Christmas! I absolutely love receiving candles and it’s something which I never really buy myself. In this set you get three small candles all with different scents. The price currently is only £3.33 in boots… so you just can’t go wrong with it.

Gift four

Sometimes you don’t can’t find a cheap skincare set. But this Jack Wills set is only £6 and has two lip balms in it. You can’t beat some lip balms especially around this time of year. It’s a must for me, I keep them absolutely everywhere and constantly use them.

Gift five

Soap and Glory have the best sets all throughout the year and still at Christmas. This set is the Merry Kiss-Much set. It’s perfect for that makeup lover you might be buying for. It includes a lip liner and lipgloss. I think most people would be happy to receive this gift and the price makes it perfect for Secret Santa, only costing £6!

Gift six

Perfect for him… the Ted Baker set. You can never have to many smellies so this set just adds to it. It comes with a body spray and wash. I always find males so hard to buy for so I think sets like this making it super easy.

Gift seven

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate box. Around Christmas so many favourites come out whether it’s Celebrations, Heroes or Quality Street everyone has a favourite box. My favourite is Celebrations so here’s the next gift idea for your Secret Santa…

Gift eight

This gift idea is something which people either love doing or hate. A brain teaser game! This one is from The Works and costs £5. You have to solve the puzzle by trying to get all the layers of and leaving you with the ball. I think presents like this are such a good idea because they aren’t something which you’d think to buy yourself but are something which everyone can get involved with.

Gift nine

Alcohol is something which you receive a lot of around this time of year. It’s an easy present for someone. This prosecco set is from Tesco and costs £6. I think most people would be happy with a little bottle of their favourite drink.

Gift ten

The last gift idea is from Asos. This canvas tote is something which I’d love to own. I think this idea would be a perfect gift for someone who loves their bags or shopping. Having a canvas bag is a must for me because they’re so light which makes it so much more easier when shopping. The slogan on this is what sold it to me. I love this and to make it even better all the profits are to help raise funds and awareness.

Thank you for reading… hopefully this has helped you for some last minute gifts. I hope you’re all having a lovely evening.

Lots of love


Blogmas- gifting ideas

Blogmas is here…Which means Christmas is literally round the corner!! My first blog is all about gifts. It’s so hard to buy presents for people especially when they say I don’t want anything. So I thought I’d help out by giving you a few ideas. These gifts are for anyone.

I always think a good book is always a present which someone would love. I chose The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Mcgrahy. This books is all things fashion; talking about inspiration, tips, industry and of course the new rules we all should follow. You can also never go wrong with getting someone a new diary.

Next is an all time favourite of my Liz Earle. I adore the skincare products from here and they have worked wonders for my skin. A set like this would be appreciated by most ages in my opinion… I know my mum uses it, I do and my auntie. Whilst I’m chatting about skincare, might as well mention the next one being Kiehl’s. This is more high end however again a lot of people rave about it.

I’ve tried to pick presents that I believe any age would like. So next is a mug, I’m obsessed with mugs… the bigger the better! This mug is from Anthropology and I adore the pattern.

The Chillys bottle is very popular right. It can be used for both hot drinks and cold. I would love to receive this from somebody. They have so many different colours and designs so there definitely would be something for everyone.

The famous rucksack! I have one of these in pink and it comes absolutely everywhere with me. It’s so handy to have and makes things easy for me when I’m traveling to and from uni. This can be for anyone in my opinion.

A diary is an essential for most people. My mum always makes sure she has her new diary in advance. I think this would be a perfect present for someone who is organised or trying to be which is definitely me!

A necklace can be pricey sometimes but this one is from Oliver Bonus and is only £32. I think the pattern is so pretty. You could buy this for your mum, auntie, granny (sorry if that’s not what your grandparent is called, we have always said granny) a friend or even for yourself as a christmas treat! You can find jewellery anywhere.

Lastly, is the Hugo Boss set. If you’re like me I always struggle when it comes to buying for my dad or boyfriend etc. I find males so hard! But a set like this is something which anyone would appreciate as you can never have too much aftershaves.

All the links are below for the items above. I really hope you can get some inspiration from this.

lots of love


A Simple Outfit

Sometimes all you need is some comfy trousers, a top and a denim jacket. This outfit was my simple, easy and quickly thrown together look.

I am all for comfy trousers, I literally live in them, especially these ones. These trousers are from Newlook and they are the most loose fitting (in a good way) trousers ever which makes me want to wear them everyday. I hate wearing jeans recently because they are tight and annoy me whereas my trousers are so baggy doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing any! Anyway, I love green at the minute, I swear everyday I’m wearing something which is green whether it be these or a jumper or my bag, something has to be green! I also really love the stripes as it adds that bit of extra detail and it almost gives a sporty vibe.

I paired these trousers with a simple grey long sleeve top but I wear them with absolutely anything… a t-shirt, a bodysuit and a jumper, just anything really. I’m always in a rush in a morning no matter how early I set my alarm, I will always be rushing around so this was another reason why I put these two pieces together as it was easy and it meant I didn’t have to think about what to wear!

This denim jacket is also a key piece in my wardrobe. I wear it all the time. It goes with anything and I always gravitate towards it in the morning when picking a jacket! This outfit was so simple but I loved it. Sometimes I think simple clothing works better depending on my mood… cos sometimes I’m all about patterns.

I’d love to know below what your simple everyday outfit is recently. lots of love


Designers I love

Well, there are many designers I love and have begun to love through studying fashion. When you hear someone stay fashion designers you instantly think of the most well known people such as Coco Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. So I wanted to share with you the designers who I get inspired by and not people who instantly spring into mind.

My favourite is Erdem, absolutely love his use of experimental prints, textiles and colours. I love the shaping of the garments and how they sit beautifully on the body. I don’t know about you but for me this work is just amazing.

Valentino; I mean what else do I need to say! This collection is one of favourites ever. I adore the colours and the fabrics he used to created the drapes on the the garment. The colours he uses contrast with the use of black and white and bold colours. His clothes sit effortlessly on the body. They are classy, elegant and sophisticated. However, in this collection, the oversized look really is empowered here. And who doesn’t look an oversized outfit (the best comfy outfit is when something is oversized )

Oscar de la Renta. He is known for his beautiful dresses which are very feminine and flattering on the body. Just look at these creations, I mean they have so much detail in them whether it be the fabrics pattern, the embroidered or the fringing. This collection uses such amazing colours and the way the garments drape from the body adds that extra detail.

So lovelies, these are a few designers who I love. Let me know which designers are you favourite…

I got these images from Vogue, you can download the app on your phone, which makes it super easy to look through recent collections or a specific designer! I’m constantly on here looking for inspiration or just having a nosey. I would say if you love fashion get it!!!

lots of love


Autumn Style Inspiration

I always think transitioning into a new season is rather difficult. I know autumn is already here but I’m still looking for new inspiration to create autumnal outfits.

So one thing I found that really helps to do this is Pinterest! Pinterest has been around for ages but it’s still something I use to gather ideas and inspiration for many different things. You can do many things on Pinterest, follow people, create boards and even upload your own photos! I really love using this app as it’s like a visual mind map of ideas.

I love looking on it to see how other people have styled a certain piece. Whether it be a pair of new trousers or a new coat, literally anything and everything you can find on it. I just think it’s still a great way to organise your visual thoughts. I see many boards for wedding ideas, fashion, decor and locations; you can literally use it for absolutely everything. I also use it a lot for my university projects. Searching for designers or illustrators is so easy doing it through Pinterest.

Anyway, I created a board to help with my style for autumn. By adding photos to my board, I can look back through them and sometimes they even have links which makes it even easier to get the pieces you are looking at! So if you’re are struggling for inspiration then create yourself a board.

lots of love


My Current Favourites


I thought it would be nice to show you lovelies the things I have been enjoying recently. From fashion and beauty related topics all the way to my current series obsession.

This past month feels a bit like a whirlwind. I moved to Leeds to persuit my dream of studying fashion however this was such a big change that it takes a bit to get used too!

The fashion bits I’ve been loving…

My favourite piece in my wardrobe to wear currently, is a boiler suit (THERES A WHOLE POST ABOUT THE ONE I’M LOVING). It’s so easy and simple to style whether it be for a day look or night, it easily works. I love paring this with white trainers and a little black bag.

The beauty bits I’ve been loving…

I absolutely love trying new makeup however these are classic favourites which I pretty much use every day! Too Faced Born This Way foundation, gives you a perfect flawless finish with medium to high coverage and for me it lasts all day long. I don’t think you can go wrong really with this, the amount of different shades is very varied and to top it off it is infused with many different things such as Coconut Water and Alpine Rose both of which help your skin to stay hydrated and brighten as well. The next beauty loving piece is Benefit Hoola bronzer, something which everyone knows of but is still a must for me. The reason I love this is because it gives a healthy fresh matte look. Lastly my Next perfume, I first discovered this through my mum in high school and loved it. It’s a very florally and has a hint of jasmine ummm I’m not great at describing scents so I’ll leave it there!

The random bits I’ve been loving…

My paper chase notepad I’m obsessed with. I’m all for feminism and this quote just stood out to the rest. I believe they had other quotes which were uplifting too. This quote is so true, all you can do in life is be the best you can be.

I’d love to know what you have been loving recently, be sure to comment down below

lots of love


The Boiler Suit

So my favourite outfit currently is this boiler suit from New look. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the easy quick style so this is perfect. It’s something which can be thrown on and look great… in my opinion anyway.

I feel like I fell out of love with any type of suit because going to the toilet in them was the worse thing. But with this one it’s an exception.

The most perfect boiler suit. You can alternatively wear this as a night time look or a day time look. I wore this in the day with some classic converse trainers and a big teddy bear coat. But if I was to wear this at night, I would simply add some accessories and some black boots. This instantly changes your look into a classy. simple and elegant outfit.

Studying fashion means I’m constantly looking at clothes and the way they have been constructed together! My favourite thing about this, is the contrasting stitching in white. This creates so much more fun in the garment and makes it stand out a little bit more. Having a contrast stitch is something which is simple but effective and this shows it perfectly! I would highly say go out there and get yourself that perfect boiler suit… (especially because they are great for this time of year) Transitioning into autumn is always hard but not any more with the piece in your wardrobe.


Boiler suit/playsuit-

lots of love