Sustainability- Fast Fashion

Sustainability is something which is becoming a massive part of our lives and something which I hope everyone is playing a part in. At the minute, as we all know the main issue our planet is having is climate change, pollution and the overall effects that are happening to our planet.

I want to talk about the fashion industry and the effects this has on our environment. For people who are in the fashion industry, sustainability plays a massive part.

For me, as a fashion student sustainability is key for many reasons as it is for many other people in and out of the industry. There are many different reasons why the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. But one of the main factors is fast fashion.

Fast fashion is the process of making garments quick so that brands are able to keep up with the constant fashion trends. For a brand, they want to produce clothing that is in trends at a low cost. For this to happen fast fashion takes place but has negative effects.

The effects this has on our planet are never ending, for example land fills. Once the fast fashion garments have been worn and no longer wanted they end up being thrown out into a landfill. A figure of 235m items are sent there a year.

Next is the amount of water used to create garments is extreme (2700 litres of water is used to make one cotton t-shirt) so for high streets brands such as primark and boohoo they are using a high amount of water to create the amount of garments needed in order to keep up with the trends.

Pollution is also a massive part in the fashion industry let alone for the fast fashion industry. CO2 is released when unwanted clothes are burned this then contributes to global warming.

The last effect I am going to take about is the workers that produce these clothes. Roughly 75 million people work to make our clothes. Some of these people work extremely long hours for little pay. Not only this but they’re working in poor and unsafe conditions. This then also impacts there health. On 24th April 2013 in Bangladesh the Rana Plaza building collapsed, this sadly killed 1,138 people and 2,500 people were injured. This disaster was due to the poor conditions of the building. However, I do believe this event has helped to create better environments in some places.


As people who love fashion we want to be able to keep up with trends and showcase how to style garments, however there are ways to do this in order to help the environment.

Recycling garments- swapping unwanted clothes with friends/ family members is a good idea if you want new pieces in your wardrobe. This stops you from going out and buying new garments, instead your giving older clothes a new sense of life. (@bigsisterswap on instagram is a page that can do this for you. You send unwanted clothes to them and in return they send items to you that have been loved before and no longer wanted as well.)

Up cycling garments- up cycling garments is a way to make your old and unwanted clothes into something new and fresh. Whether it’s as simple as cutting jeans into shorts or using a few garments and making them into a completely new garment.

Re-wearing clothes- re-wearing your clothes is so important. Making sure your getting the most out of an item. Whether it’s styling it in a new way or just wearing it out again. This stops you from wanting new clothes and your making the clothes you own feel new by styling them in a new way.

Considering a purchase- really thinking whether you need to buy this item or multiple items. Making sure that it’s something you will wear a lot not something you’ll wear once, as this helps me to only buy items that are easy to wear all year round, that I can style in many ways and to help stop me from buying unnecessary items.

Personally I believe there are many different ways we can all help to improve our environment and the planet. Starting of as little as you want still helps and it’s a start to a better a future! Even occasionally/ slowing the amount of clothes you buy from fast fashion places still helps instead of doing it constantly… as I’m sure we all love bargains.

I hope you enjoyed this read and thank you for taking this time to read it. It’s much appreciate however I do just want to say I am no expert this is my opinion.

Lots of love

Grace Poppy x

How to shop on a budget


Okay so for all the other bloggers out there or the people who want to stay caught up with the latest trends you’ll know how expensive it is. Trying to buy clothes that are at an reasonable price, something you’ll wear again and something new is hard so I’m here to help solve these issues.

Everything 5 Pounds is an absolutely amazing website with some many pieces on there. Recently I was gifted a few bits from this site and I can honestly tell you I love them, the quality is so good and definitely worth more than £5!!!

The first piece I picked was this ribbed high neck dress. Which is super thick and has ribbed lines on it which I love. Next is this black slip dress with a white shirt. I’ve always wanted one of these so when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. This dress fits perfectly, I got size 8 and it works well. The third item was some striped trousers, these are super comfy and soft perfect for travelling or going on holiday. Lastly, this bag honestly I’ve been wanting a little black bag for the longest time and I’ve found one. I love the textured print of this with the silver detailing.

All of these items are definitely worth the price if not more and I 100% would definitely order from this website again. When you look on the website it’s fairly easy to navigate yourself around and you can find pretty much everything your looking for. If you find something on another website i would definitely check Everything 5 Pounds before you purchase but not only are you saving money, it’s also good quality garments but means they will last along time and be sustainable as it’s not thin fabric. For me looking at good quality fabrics is a big part when looking to buy a new piece for my wardrobe. I would so I was pleasantly surprised by how good quality the fabrics were. Overall this website is something which I will definitely be checking every now and then.

{A big thanks goes to Everything 5 Pounds for gifted these items}

Lots of love


Casual Outfit

I think these type of blog post are always fun and easy to read so here’s another… Today’s outfit is the casual, simple and girly outfit. This is something which I’m new to well this combination but I think it works well!

I wanted to wear my new pink Newlook Blazer but dress it down so I decided to pair this with some joggers after getting my inspiration from Sophia and Cinzia (I’m sure you all know who they are) but yes that’s where the idea came from. This made the outfit more casual and daytime. These joggers are from primark so they’re super cheap and cosy. To be honest I never really have ever worn joggers outside of my house just because I always used them for loungewear however I really enjoyed wearing this outfit!!

I wanted to keep this outfit simple so I wore my white crop top from PLT. These made it more springtime appropriate. This top is so cute and the deep v-neck adds a bit of detailing to the top. This is is only £6 so it’s a bargain.

I will be wearing something like this all the time from now on… or definitely taking the pieces and styling them in a new way!

Lots of love


Spring Outfit Inspirations

So I thought it would be a time to show you a few bits I’m loving recently from jeans to trousers and tops to jackets; this spring there’s so many garments out there to choose from that everyone can find something they love. For me I’m loving the wrap maxi dress trend, blazers and satin skirts all very girly pieces which can be dressed up or down. If you follow my Instagram you will see each week I post bits and bobs that I’m wanting or loving. So here it is… everything is from Pretty Little Thing!!!


I’ve seen a lot of one shoulder tops going around recently and when I saw this one I thought it was perfect. It’s simple but effective. As well as this capted sleeves and corset detailing are a trend right now so this button front top was both combined together. The sleeves are absolutely beautiful and would be so flattering on the body along with the the top being tight fitted. Next is this white square frill top which is super flattering around the chest and I think it would be perfect for a holiday.


I know we are in Spring however sometimes with living in the Uk, there’s still colder days where you want to throw a cute sweater on and be ready to go. So these three are perfect for that. Again the off the shoulder look is super in style and adds something to a simple jumper. The colour block jumper is gorgeous and is something which is new and I’ve not seen often especially with these colours. Lastly the neon jumper I thought I had to include as everyone is loving a bit of neon recently.


For jackets or a thin throw over I’ve constantly been grabbing my blazer so I’m in need of getting some more! These three are my favourite I found on PLT. I think they are all so cute and the colours are something which you can wear with most outfits. The nude checked blazer is definitely my favourite and will literally change your outfit making you look amazing. Yet the other two I equally love, the pink checked is something new and the frills on the last one make it all that bit different.


Okay so as you’re all probably aware of wrap dresses are a staple at the minute and this one I think is so pretty and would also be perfect to wear on a holiday. It’s the perfect length and the neckline is flattering as well. Next this smock dress which I absolutely love, this is super girly and would be perfect for the hotter days. A shift dress is also going around a lot and I think this red one would be great to wear on a hot day as well. You could also wear a top under this making it maybe more suitable for the colder days!!!


I live in trousers so this guide wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include them. I’ve always wanted some buckle ones and I think this colour green is beautiful. You could definitely dress these up or down with heals or trainers… personally I would be wearing trainers with these. Next some culottes, I kind of own a lot of culottes because I love them. I think they are very flattering on your legs and are perfect for spring and summer. Lastly the leopard print trousers; leopard print is a trend which everyone is loving and wearing right now so these trousers are super in.


I’m sorry all of these skirts are satin and I was thinking maybe I should change one but I decided against it because these are the types of skirts I’m loving so it wouldn’t be right to include something else! Anyway, how amazing are these and the price of them just makes it even better. I know everyone probably owns a simple satin midi skirt now however I was always still on the hunt because I wanted to find a cheaper one as sometimes I feel like I don’t suit skirts so this was why I wanted a cheaper one. These from PLT look just the same as the famous Topshop ones so I will definitely be finally purchasing one of these. The burgundy one I thought was such a nice colour and shade which I thought was unique. Followed by the staple black one and lastly my favourite one, the asymmetric leopard print one. I haven’t seen anything like this one yet and I think it’s a perfect spring skirt.

Well that’s it… I hope you have got some ideas and inspiration from all of these items. Let me know below what piece is your favourite???

Lots of love


My Pamper Routine

Okay so here is my pamper routine… recently I’ve been really trying to step my game up when it comes to skincare so I’ve been trying to do this routine once or twice a week. This routine is simple quick and easy to do as if you’re like me sometimes I can’t be bothered using ten different products and having to wait ages so in my step my step guide you’ll notice I used 5 products.

Normally at night I like to get my skincare over and done with pretty fast but when it comes to a pamper night I will spend a little but longer. I will always first pick a film to watch (this normal consists of me scrolling through Netflix getting agitated because I can’t pick anything but I was find something)

Once my film is picked I will start by removing any of my makeup by using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This removes every ounce of makeup on my skin leaving my skin feeling cleansed and freshed. Liz Earle is a brand I love and use every single day! This product you can buy from Boots at £15.50 for 100ml.

Next I will then use the Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser just to make sure everything is off my skin. However, I will only use this product on a pamper night. This is something which I’m new too however I love it and think it has really helped keep my skin clear and redness down.

The face mask of my choice right now is Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask which is honestly one of the best face masks I’ve ever tried. It helps brighten and detoxify your skin leaving it smooth and radiant.

After a mask I would move onto using Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and not to forget it’s the easiest thing to use ever… literally pouring it onto a cotton pad and sweeping it over your face. Sometimes if I’m not wearing makeup during the day I will use this throughout the day as it’s so refreshing and revitalises your skin!

Lastly to finish this routine I would use a moisturiser. The one I’m loving at the minute is one from Noaboay. This moisturiser is nature and organic so is definitely something which makes this product ten times better. This moisturiser contains plant extracts and organic vegetable oils. This can also be used as a primer for makeup however I’m yet to try this but I sure will be.

I’d love to know what products you love using below…

Lots of love


Staying Positive

Thought this would be a nice thing to chat about… staying positive. There’s so many things in life that can make us feel negative about certain situations or people but we have to remember that you have to move on otherwise you’d never be able to live your life. Basically what I’m trying to say is being positive is so important; for me I struggle on a daily basis due to mental health issues however I’ve learnt how to live with them and how to deal with them everyday. Everyone is different, everyone is in a different situation and everyone is dealing with something but for me these are my top tips for staying positive.

My first tip is making sure you’re surrounded by the people you love. These helps more than you think, when you’re around people who you care about and who care about you, it makes it so much easier to feel relax and positive. I love being with my close family along with my boyfriend, they have all supported me through a lot therefore when I spend time with them I feel so grateful and happy.

Next is filling up your day. Making sure you have plans is so important otherwise this is when the overthinking and negativity comes in. When you have free time well a lot of it your mind starts to over think and this can cause so many other problems. Don’t get me wrong some days it’s nice to have a day in the house just not really doing much but when this becomes often then this is when it can become a problem. Even if it’s the smallest things like walking the dog, nipping to the shop, cleaning or going out the little things can help.

Doing things you enjoy. Making sure every now and again you’re doing the thins you enjoy, I know that might seem obvious however sometimes we forgot to do the simplest things in life or we forget to make sure you’re still having fun. For me this is spending time with my boyfriend, I love going places visiting different cities with him or even going to the cinema…we practically live there. Or doing things with family, my favourite things to do definitely involve other people.

Apps help me a lot when I’m having a bad day, so I thought I’d share my favourite ones. Headspace- this apps is a meditation app it helps you to relax and destress from a hard day. It’s full of different levels and types of meditation for different things.

Calm- is similar to Headspace however also has other sections like sleep and music. For me I struggle with sleep a lot and I’m still on the hunt for something to help with that however if you’ve not tried this app I would definitely recommend trying it.

Spotify- I mean everyone knows about this app so there’s not much to say other than music is key.

Thinking openly, this helps when you’re in a situation where you’re stuck. When you open your mind and think about all the possibilities It’s a lot easier to be positive. When you keep a close mind you’re more likely to feel negative.

lots of love


Spring Outfit

Spring is now here which means we can slowly start wearing more summery clothes. I’m much more of a trouser girl than skirts and dresses however I really want to branch out and try more clothes I wouldn’t normally go for. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt and midi dress… so if you have any recommendations please share them.

Anyway this outfit is one of my favourites right now… I live in trousers so culottes for this time of year are perfect. These denim culottes are so comfy and easy to style, I love wearing them with a pair of chunky trainers and a t-shirt.(which is what this outfit is) You can style these trousers with anything a cami top, t-shirt or even a jumper on those colder days. I’ve paired mine with a simple printed t-shirt from Newlook… I mean it’s a friend t-shirt so it can’t get much better than that. I”m obsessed with Friends like most of us so when I found this top in Newlook I NEEDED it. The price of this top was £12.99 so not expensive at all and totally worth it!!!

Next is this blazer from Newlook. It’s linen so it’s perfect as it’s super thin but still a little bit of a cover-up for when it’s a bit colder. I love the fit of this and the sleeves are great with them being three quarters. This outfit is something which I’m constantly wearing as it’s super easy to style and throw on but still look good…

lots of love


Mother’s Day

As we know Mother’s Day is approaching so I thought it would be a good time to share a few last minute ideas that I think are perfect for this occasion. ‘Last minute’ because that’s me…

We should always appreciate our mothers or motherly figures everyday but having a separate day for them makes it even better. There’s a gift for every mum out there but finding the perfect one can be challenging so I’ve collected a few ideas to make this job slightly easier.

Starting with the obvious… A CARD; there are so many places you can get a card from whether it be a supermarket, card shop or online. Personally I’m a shop kinda girl I like to be able to see them in person. Followed by the gifts whether it’s something small or big it’s up to you!

The Flowers- a little bouquet is always perfect, everyone loves flowers so getting your mum a bunch for this day is a easy gift. They can also be sentimental to you mum, finding the type of flowers your mum loves or had on another occasion always works. My mum loves lilies, she had them for her wedding flowers so it’s always a winner getting them for her.

The pamper set- everyone loves a good pamper night, so why not get the bits and bobs for your mum to treat herself. There are so many sets out there with different products and scents that there is something for everyone. These three are my favourites I’ve found, starting with The White Company Lavender set including a hand wash and hand cream, two things you can never have too much of. Next a set from L’Occitane, a travel sized set which is always useful. This includes shower oil, body lotion, milk soap, light face cream, hand cream and foot cream (all from the shea butter collection). Finally a Sanctuary Spa set including a body wash, body scrum and body lotion, with a floral scent.

The Gift set- there’s so many random sets out there that they all have different products in. The ones I’ve found are beauty related. The first being perfume and the other two with beauty products. Every woman loves perfume so getting a new scent or a familiar one is a perfect gift or some on the other hand makeup.

The Food hamper- I think getting a food hamper is something different but something which I know my mum would love. There’s so many different ways to do this whether it’s creating your own filling it with random bits and bobs or filling it with food for a specific time like a cinema night or cheese and crackers or you could buy a already made one. The ones below are already made hamper but they could also help if you was wanting to make your own.

The Personal gift-  personal touch is always a good idea for a present. It’s instantly makes it more sentimental and more meaningful. It can literally be absolutely anything…  a photo frame is something which can be so easy and quick to do which are filled with amazing memories, or Virgin do they best experience days like this one below, an Afternoon Tea and Spa Retreat day or a simple touch on a mug.

Hope you all have an amazing Mother’s Day whether it’s celebrating with loved ones or remembering your loved one. I hope this has helped some of you lovelies.

lots of love



Today’s blog post is the first one of my guest posts, something a little different but hopefully useful.

I’ve just recently completed my first semester at university, so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about it…

So I guess I best start from the beginning; originally I had planned to go to De Montford in Leicester however I changed my mind due to health reasons as well thinking long and hard about the courses. Anyway I’m not hear to talk about that but that was just a little bit of background information into why I chose Leeds in the end (obviously there were many other reasons as well).

So one thing I can say about Leeds Beckett is that it is very spaced out… which means a lot of walking! The next thing is that the University itself seems really helpful in ways like offering support, extra activities and overall just being there for people who need it. I really think this is useful to have at Universities whether it be that you’re struggling with your course, struggling at home, financially or health issues, I’m sure every uni has support available if needed but what I’m trying to say is it seems to be advised to make it known a lot in Leeds for students.

I think Leeds is also a lovely city, its full of different things to do and has amazing shops from high street to designer. For me, Leeds seemed perfect for my course with it being fashion as the city is very fast paste and has so much inspiration for designs as well!! Most people see Leeds as a shopping city however there is so much more to do there as well and there’s so many sites that tell you ‘Top ten things to do in Leeds’ so you can always find them if you was to come and explore Leeds.

Anyway the main aim of today’s blog post is sharing some tips for people who are thinking or going to university. This change can be super hard but some people can find it easy as well.

So today’s guest is Ellie.

“Hey Everyone, I’m Ellie from So Called Mental[link to]. I am a 20 year old mental health blogger from Yorkshire, currently studying Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Edge Hill University. I love being a student however at the beginning I found it super hard to overcome homesickness and getting use to a new life. Starting University is a tricky time for everyone, learning to deal with the new pressures of university life and meeting new people. Moving away is a big deal so there are bound to be feelings of homesickness, whether it’s straight away or later on in the year it is best to be prepared and have a few tricks up your sleeve for when those feelings strike.

1. Don’t get upset and blame yourself for feeling homesick

It can be hard not to blame yourself when you are struggling to cope with university life. Don’t forget that most are finding it as tough as you are. Moving away from home, living alone, looking after yourself and getting all what is expected of you completed can be tiring and at times ‘too much’.

Just remember to take a step back, breathe and everything will be A-OK.

2. Always have realistic expectations…

University experiences in reality are often different to one’s initial expectations. By week four, everyone is usually tired, ill and no longer interested in partying Monday to Sunday. University is not all fun and games; it often involves a ton of work, stress and sleepless nights. Don’t lose sight of this!

3. Hang out in social/communal areas

Social or communal areas are crucial for making friends and combating the feeling of not belonging. Everyone is in the same situation, therefore it isn’t weird to randomly talk to someone or sit with them. Go to all events on offer; hang out in coffee shops on campus or at the student union!

4. Join a society or club and try something new

Societies are key to making friends with similar interests to you. They provide a break away from studying, the opportunity to mix with people from across the university as well as the chance to try something completely new.

5. Ask for Help

Lastly, and most importantly, ask for help. You are absolutely not the only one. Talk to others, the university student services such as the wellbeing team, or friends at other universities – you’ll be surprised how much it can help.

Smile, you’ve totally got this!”- Ellie

A massive thank you to Ellie for being the first guest blogger. Hope you all found her tips useful and interesting. Be sure to leave a comment with any tips you’d like to share.

Lots of love


My Favourite Base Makeup

For ages and I mean ages I’ve been on the search for the perfect foundation and recently I found it! The Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This foundation is advertised for combination skin. This is the skin type I have so when I tested out the Sheer Glow foundation is did nothing for me because it was far too dewy for my skin. Whereas this foundation leaves a matte finish,  it’s oil free and it doesn’t dry out my dry patches either, so what more can you want!

When doing my makeup I have recently started to use the Smashbox  Photo Finish Foundation Primer, I never wanted to buy these even though I had heard amazing things as it is very pricey for a primer, however when a mini sample came from Birchbox I was over the moon and after trying it out I would say it is definitely worth the money. I’ve never had a primer work so good before, it keeps the foundation is place, it help minimise pores and smooths out your skin. Both the foundation and primer work perfectly together.

Recently I rediscovered two powders both of which I wanted to include as I swap them all the time. One being Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder Translucent and the other RCMA No-Colour Powder. I use both for baking under my eyes, eyelids, around my nose, chin and sometime forehead. They are both lightweight and don’t leave that caking look. Although I mainly just use The Rimmel powder which seems to be lasting a long time.

These three products are my favourite base products is my makeup routine. I’d love to know what you’re base products are and what you love to use? I would highly recommend all three products to anyone.

lots of love


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